The Mindfulness of yoga

Philosophy of Yoga

The Indian Sage, Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras defines Yoga as the control of the activity of the mind.  One of the most influential Yoga texts of all time, The Yoga Sutras, defines the 8 limbs of Yoga, or stages of spiritual development leading to direct awakening to our essential nature.  Modern day Yoga, especially in the west, identifies itself mostly with Hatha Yoga, the physical exercises called asanas. In the beginning, the focus is often on attaining the poses, being able to perform them with some degree of flexibility and strength.  As one progresses, mindfulness in the practice helps one to refine the ability to listen to the body, move with awareness and attention, noticing the subtle changes in how one thinks and feels.  A fascinating, challenging and mysterious path that can ultimately reveal ones true essence and deepest inherent beauty, that enhances every aspect of life, on the mat or off. 

The 8 limbs of Yoga:

1. Yama - The 5 ethical practices:  Ahimsa - Do no harm. Satya - Truthfulness.  Asteya - non stealing.  Brahmacharya -abstinence.  Aparigraha - non grasping

2. Niyama - Self Observances:  Saucha -cleanliness. Santosha - contentment. Tapas - disciplined practice  Swadhaya - study of spiritual texts.  Ishwara Pranidhana - surrender

3. Asana - the physical poses

4 .Pranayama - regulating the energy flow through breathing exercises

5. Pratyahara - drawing in the mind and senses away from outer world

6. Dharana - concentration, one pointed mind

7. Dhyana - unbroken flow of consciousness

8. Samadhi- state of bliss, oneness

"If you desire a glorious future, transform the present.  There is actually no other choice".

..Patanjali , Yoga Sutras

Enlightened Achievement

In addition to her yoga practice, Patricia is founder and CEO of Enlightened Achievement, an international training organization dedicated to the enhancement of human potential in the corporate sector. Training and employee development seminars range from mindfulness in the workplace,  mindful selling, exceptional customer service, management, leadership and personal empowerment.  Through seminars, keynotes or coaching, goals are achieved, relationships are deepened, lives are transformed.   


What others have to say...

"Patricia is an exceptional teacher.  Her deep understanding of the philosophy of Yoga and her compassion for us students creates a space where transformation occurs.  I have grown as a person and as a Yoga practitioner because of her. She is a gift to us all."  Tracy Theemes, Sophia Investments - Vancouver, Canada

 "Patricia immediately instills a sense of confidence - her cues about how to be in the postures are so clear and precise. I have been doing Yoga for many years before taking Patricia's class, she showed me more in one class about how to correct my poses than I had ever experienced.  It has made such a difference to my practice"  -Marlene,  NY

"Patricia has a keen eye to what everyone is doing in the class, no matter how big it is.  I am always amazed at how she is able to adjust, assist, correct each person - without being intrusive or forceful - yet maintain the flow of the class. "  - Amanda, UK 

"I came on vacation to Bequia thinking that I wouldn't be able to participate in yoga as I do in my home city.  To my joy and amazement I participated in the best yoga classes of my life"- 22 year old visitor in Bequia

"Patricia teaches with such authority; she is world class as a yoga instructor" 

-Emma Field, Therapist, UK